Generating lead through Account Based Marketing

Everyone had heard about ABM or Account Based Marketing, but do not completely understand what it means. So, let us start with the basics.

What is account based marketing?

Account based marketing (ABM) focus on generating high-volume of leads through different lead generation program.

In ABM you focus on generating the right leads and then after that reach out to them on deeper and more attractive ways.

Here are Account Based marketing best practices to generate more lead and grow your business progressively.


Create your buyer personal

Creating and developing on a buyer persona for your business helps you to zero in only on those that are most likely to buy your offerings, so that you can nurture them with the help of marketing automation in your best sales CRM software.

Develop ideal customer profiles

You will often find that in several instances there are two or more people in an organization those who have conflicting objectives and goals. Therefore, developing an ideal customer profile helps in creating a sales pitch that can please all of them and make the sale.


Create audience-specific messages

Create messages that address directly to each buyer personally and each ideal customer profile. This way you will be able to make sure that, you remain always in touch on the right points when speaking with a particular ‘account’ and its employees.


Part the decision makers of the account

Because there are so many persons involved in the decision making of an Account Based Marketing processes, you must learn to communicate with them in different ways.


Align your content with your audience

Each prospective leads within an organization have different needs. Therefore, it is imperative that you must deliver contents to each of them that addresses to their individual pain points.

Instead of firing blanket emails with identical contents to everyone, Account Based Marketing plans call for segmentation to deliver the most relevant information to each of these prospects in an account.


Use the right ABM software

To excel in ABM, it is most important that you must use the right Account Based Marketing software which uses marketing automation seamlessly to allow you to segment and personalize email campaigns, making Account Based Marketing easier for your sales and marketing teams.


Align marketing and sales

Effective Account Based Marketing can only happen if sales and marketing are closely integrated and aligned within an organization.


Score Leads

As leads take certain predefined actions like viewing contents, visiting web pages, and others, marketing can score them based on those actions. This lead scoring process helps equally sales and marketing to maintain an insight on a lead which have become sales-ready and who needs to be nurtured further in the sales channel.


Measure your results and refine your approach

No good marketer or sales representative can move forward without measuring their results. Hence, always be sure to measure and analyze your results if you want to continually improve and grow your business using Account Based Marketing processes.



To grow your business using Account Based marketing be sure to create personas, score leads, and measure your results. Use Software which can easily tell you, what your leads need to hear for you to convince them to buy, or tell you exactly whom you are selling your offerings.