What Exactly Is Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?


Account-Based Marketing is a highly targeted, personalized customer outreach strategy to a group of high-potential clients. ABM is an alignment of sales and marketing teams to move target clients faster through the funnel.

Benefits For Businesses Who Practice Account-Based Marketing

Higher Returns

With a focused approach towards the best potential clients, ABM’s average sales are higher than deals closed through traditional demand generation, hence higher returns. 97% of marketers have stated by implementing ABM, they have seen a higher ROI

Faster Sales

As you proactively target each of the key decision-makers during the sales process, you reduce the possibility of a single person holding up the deal.

Sales & Marketing Alignment

Sales rely on marketing to bring in high-potential qualified leads. Marketing has been able to step up the games thanks to account-based marketing solutions.

But there are still instances where both teams target different accounts; hence ABM alignment helps keep both teams on the same track. ABM requires collaboration between teams as they work together to target potential deals.

Less Waste

With ABM, you can focus only on the clients that are most likely to drive revenue. This means you spend lesser time in conversions as ABM filters unqualified leads.

Companies Opting for ABM are Ascending

ABM is being used to align sales and marketing teams with complementing each other’s efforts. ABM allows both teams to target clients that are of the highest priority. It enables you to utilize the data accumulated on targeted clients to create a personalized approach, increasing sales and marketing team efforts effectiveness.

Besides, the data can help understand the professional pain points, and focus on offering a solution. Data on clients’ personal interests can be used to create more personalized interactions and deliver more relevant information.

This blog on ABM will help you start implementing an Account-Based Marketing strategy in your business. Jon Miller, Engagio CEO & Marketo Co-Founder, states that “ABM is a strategic approach that aligns marketing and sales efforts to open doors for personalized and deep engagement with each client explicitly.”

How Account-Based Marketing Works?

To sum it all up, Account-based marketing means generating more qualified leads and growing business. With ABM, sales and marketing teams are aligned better, and deals move faster in the sales funnel, resulting in higher ROI.

The current B2B buyers are self-educating and selective. These decision-makers research as they have little time or patience to wait for communication from sales or marketing teams.

Proactively reaching out to the buyers who are looking out for your products and services, and communicating as per their requirements head-on is what ABM is all about.