Best Account-Based Marketing Tactics to Boost Your Buyer Engagement

6 Account-based Marketing Tactics to Promote Buyer Engagement 

Account-based marketing is the current hot topic in the B2B marketing world. Here we’ve listed the best tried and tested ABM tactics by various B2B brands to boost buyer engagement.

6 Account-based Marketing Tactics to Promote Buyer Engagement 

#1 Imperative ABM alignment

Imperative ABM alignment offers an intent-driven approach that benefits the digital front. This Account-Based Marketing tactic is the most basic and center-focused.

It requires having all the internal stakeholders on the same page, with various factors related to the Account-Based Marketing Strategy. This ensures that your strategy is as efficient and practical as possible.

It will also make it easier to create a consistent client experience. The intent-driven approach to ABM gives a clear target to both sales and marketing. The ABM can be further automated yet with client-targeted practice. 

For example, when the marketing and sales teams align, they get more profound knowledge of client profiles and polish their skills. The intent of imperative ABM alignment s to make it easy for sales and marketing teams to work hand-in-hand.

#2 Use Data to Achieve the ABM Goals

These are vital goals you need to achieve during a launch or relaunch of an ABM program. Use the right data and enough time to do it right:

● Sales and Marketing teams having direct involvement 

● Collective strategy to target every account on each funnel stage

● ABM funds, time limit, budget, and additional resources

● ABM KPIs to evaluate the success rate

#3 Identify your ideal customer profiles

Identify and choose your ideal high-value customer profiles. The individual prospects you’ll target with dedicated time and resources. In ABM, you have a finite list of accounts, and programs differ broadly in terms of “the list.” Start where you’re ready, and optimize.

How to do this? Use these ideas to get started:

● First research and then search for your ideal customer profile. Use intent data to analyze it over a certain time period.

● Create a strategy that filters incoming queries and qualified leads into relevant categories such as industry, company size, and value, and highlight these profiles as potential clients in your CRM.

● Choose your ideal customer profiles based on a specific category, industry, or geographical position.

● Analyze companies that are currently using your services and other services similar to yours

● Try to learn more about buyers who engage with your website content but haven’t turned into clients yet.

#4 Attract prospects with high-value intent

Evaluate the results of the previous ABM work you’ve done. You may already have contacts for specific accounts.

The key to successfully compelling similar high-value clients and retaining the ones you already have is to customize the content according to the prospect’s interest and analyze their interests through their online behavior. This promotes brand awareness amongst the targeted audience.

Here are a few proven, GDPR-compliant tactics that ABM marketers use to attract high-value clients. 

● Engage with the target audience on social media platforms and share helpful information and relevant content you’ve produced.

● Reach out to high-intent prospects by sending direct messages via social media and direct mail.

● Connect through LinkedIn InMail outreach.

● Design customized landing pages tailored to clients’ requirements and queries, shown as per their intent behaviors.

● Provide rewards for engagement and promoting your content, such as hampers and discount codes.

● Share content like blogs, articles, infographics, and newsletters across various websites, social media, and digital channels relevant to each client.

● Design ad campaigns and social ads to target a diverse audience based on skills, job title, and even geographical location.

● Invite high-intent prospects for physical or virtual events and promote attendees to encourage their colleagues as well to join.

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#5 ABM boosts revenue when marketing and sales plan account strategies together

Throughout this, it’s crystal clear that efficient Account-Based Marketing is a team effort. That’s why it is essential to ensure relevant marketing and sales team members participate in account planning.

Ensure the marketing and sales teams have questions like these in mind as they work together on target account strategy:

● How do we target each high-intent prospect?

● What sort of content will engage and captivate prospects and make the conversion?

● What channels will help reach potential buyers with a relevant approach for each individual?

● How do marketing and sales coordinate and provide support during the ABM strategy and revenue stages?

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#6 Analyze ABM results and implement required changes

While working on these tactics, you are required to monitor your accomplishments, and lack-offs continuously. You need to analyze and optimize your ABM program by capturing the ABM results. You’ll see what all elements of your strategy need improvement. This makes the ABM strategy more effective.

Popular proved account-based marketing KPIs that provide insight into your performance:

● Lead generation score

● Customer account penetration (number of new contacts added to your database)

● Customer engagement (monitored via intent data)

● Deal-to-close time 

● Gross New Revenue

● Customer conversion percentage

Account-based marketing doesn’t need to be overwhelming. Implement these tactics, and connect with your marketing and sales teams to evaluate the performance every quarter to see business growth and higher ROI.