Implementation & collection of intent data at MANLITICS!!!

A simplified definition about what is intent data:


Intent Data is the collection of behavioral and psychological signals that help interpret B2B purchase intent. The term is commonly used to imply observations of anonymous online activity. Intent data can be much broader and has been used by B2B marketing and sales teams for years.

Traditional examples include:  body language, event participation, phone calls, direct mail engagement and trade show activities.

Contemporary examples include: email engagement, social media interactions, content, competitor and thought leader engagement, online chat interactions and breadth of SaaS feature usage.

So, most often with the help of each of these contemporary techniques MANLITICS as a B2B brand detects a potential prospect and helps analyse and interpret where the anonymous or known prospect, or a customer is in their thinking and buying journey or intents to purchase it.


Different types of intent data:

There are a few ways that intent data can be classified. Overall, intent tends to fall into one of two main categories which is Internal (first-party) or external (third-party). However, it also includes second-party type.


Internal (first party)

As the name suggests, this is data acquired by you, through your own resources and content; whether that’s analytics data about visitors on your website which can be known through cookie policy, information collected via your marketing automation platform which tend to be charged most often, or even internal reports. This data can be highly predictive of purchase intent – for example, you can see when a visitor is consistently looking at your pricing page considering the amount of time being spent on the website and also through specific topic-relevant content.


Second Party

Second party data is nothing but simply a platform exchanging their own first-party data with you. As a result, one can consider it also as internal data. The drawback here can be the similarities in the data as it won’t be a premium refined account list.


External (Third party)

Third-party data is data acquired from an external source to your organization – such as a data collection company who are also known as data vendors. It is for sure one of the biggest investments that a B2B platform does. MANLITICS as a platform does this investment for more accuracy to be delivered to the clients. Third-party data will be more detailed, often collating a range of data sources which can enrich your existing database as a result tends to require more investment.


How is intent data collected?


  • First party data collection– one must look within your own reporting, CRM and web analytics.
  1. To find unknown 1st party data, one can analyse and track accounts that are interacting and consuming your content on an IP level through a variety of tools.
  2. Known 1st party data is easier to find once acquired – this comes from form submissions on your own website, and the subsequent data and information generated, like name, company and job title.
  • Third-party data collection-must be acquired by partnering with a third-party provider or partner, who can help you enhance first-party data with third-party insight, and identify your interested or addressable market.
  1. To find unknown 3rd party data, there are various vendors or intent partners who can track visitors (at a company level) who engage with content on a competitor site, or other sites related to your industry.
  2. Known 3rd party data, this must also be accessed via a vendor partner, and comes from form submissions, acquired through forms from competitor sites or more likely, industry blogs.

Research analysts in MANLITICS collect the data and work on the provided data in a well-researched and detailed way resulting in more accurate leads.

This is how functioning of intent data happens at MANLITICS and will continue to deliver more accurate and wholesome results not only about intent data but also in various aspects of the industry.


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