Why is Intent Data the Future of B2B Marketing?

a picture showing Intent Data the Future of B2B Marketing

Buyer Intent Data: Acknowledging the buyer’s intent is necessary for marketers who are constantly gazing for higher success rates and ways to get ahead in the competition.

Learning prospects’ behavior and interests help businesses understand what attracts them to make a purchase.

Marketing and sales teams can reach out to the target audience with a personalized approach using this information and impact their purchase decisions.

 With intent data, businesses can recognize the ready-to-buy prospects and design the campaigns accordingly.

Intent data is also used for nurturing future prospects as it reveals certain patterns and behaviors that help boost the prospects’ purchase decisions on their buyer journey.

Given that, you must be aware of whether your competitors use the Intent Data; if not, they might start using it soon.

A DemandaGen survey states that more than 25% of B2B businesses are currently using intent data, while 35% of the rest are planning to implement it within a year.

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Why Do You Need Intent Data for Your Business?

Here we will discuss reasons you need Intent Data for B2B businesses. To remain at the top of the competition use of Intent Data is increasing rapidly. There are several ways in which Intent Data can impact your business.

Here are the prime reasons you need Intent Data to boost your business;

Recognizing Early Opportunities

The most apparent use of intent data is recognizing prospects earlier in the buying process. One of the best ways to be ahead in the competition is to contact prospects before your competitors. A study states that in 70% of cases, companies often favor those businesses that communicate first.

Lead Scoring

Intent Data can help to distinguish between prospects who are actively researching pain points and who are simply browsing about certain topics without any purchase intent.

This data specifies whether or not a lead fits the ideal customer profile and makes prioritization easier.

Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is all about connections. Intent Data is one of the most crucial factors in engaging and building rapport with the right prospects.

As ABM requires technographic and firmographic data, businesses must use every possible way to collect more data about their prospects that will help them take a laser-focused approach.

Intent Data helps you expand your reach, find more in-market clients, obtain leads with greater precision, and reshape your ABM campaign with a customized content strategy. 

Redesigning Your Content Strategy

Intent Data helps you build a content strategy that matches your ideal customer requirements. Several SEO tools are available in the market that can help you find the top keywords and trending topics. Integrating Intent Data will provide an entirely new course of data to enhance your content marketing strategy.

Targeted Campaigns

Design advertising campaigns using Buyer Intent Data with a more detailed approach by focusing on leads that show certain purchase intent.

This way, you won’t waste your money on people who have no interest or intention to purchase your product or service.

Once you connect the dots between B2B buyer requirements and their purchase intent signals, you can start sharing relevant content to help them make purchase decisions and open conversion opportunities for your business.