How B2B Brands Use Web Visitor Intelligence

2B Brands Use Web Visitor Intelligence

Web Visitor Intelligence enables you to collect your website’s visitor data captured when visitors are browsing through your website.

This data, later on, you can analyze, segment, prioritize and use this to gain insights on visitors and leads. This includes even minute details you’ve in your search engine analytics systems like campaign, source, and landing page browsed.

Web Visitor Intelligence assists you in constantly monitoring the quality of your website visitors and determining leads. Scan, evaluate, and divide the website traffic to analyze information about your visitors and leads generated.

Seven reasons B2B marketing needs web visitor intelligence

Web Visitor Intelligence shows the ability to segment accounts from Campaign Contacts and Web Visitor Intelligence Section and upload for targeting.

Integrated marketing describes how your ABM platform supports the coordination of marketing and sales efforts in the pursuit of new accounts by leveraging account data and insights to create effective, relevant account-based marketing programs that engage buying teams across channels, generate pipeline opportunities, and boost revenue growth. 

Customers build ABM audiences through either uploading existing audiences, importing past campaigns, or searching our data and building an audience based on firmographic, demographic, technographic, and intent data sets. 

From there they activate the campaign through email with PersonaBase, programmatic display with DisplayBase, outbound calling with ActiveBase, or download the content driving the intent signals to activate through another channel. 

Upon completion of the campaign with TI, the leads are fed back into the platform to be distributed to the customer’s next step as well as for reporting and analysis. 

This is further supported by integration with our Visitor intelligence tag which de-anonymizes visitors to the customer’s own website and tags them with the appropriate intent allowing the customer to include this traffic in their reporting as well as include those visitors in future campaigns.

Web Visitor Intelligence Simplifies Your Analysis Process

Web visitor intelligence, along with analysis, provides you with a better understanding of visitor scores through a transparent system of ranking.

It makes it clear and simple to understand for everyone in the organization; whether it’s marketing, sales, or operations, they’ll be able to determine the value of each visitor.

Web visitor intelligence helps you score visitors, segment qualified leads, and assign a value to a keyword, page, and link, based on visitors’ quality and leads generated.

Allows you to take a deeper dive into your demands and clients

Web visitor intelligence includes more than just the primary aspects of website actions and monitoring visitors. For instance, an ideal web visitor intelligence strategy includes firmographics, demographics, and social and behavioral data.

This also analyzes client industry type, company size, job titles, competitor website visits, referred keywords, social media profiles, etc.

An excellent web visitor intelligence system also captures each visitor’s browsing history, time spent on your website, and various attributes such as first touch, last touch, and tipping point. This will provide an open window to learn more about the visitor’s behavior, persona, and activities that work best for your target audience.

Helps you in prioritizing and following up with leads

Once you understand the buyers’ intent and behavior like an open book through the visitor’s history, you’ll be able to approach them in a more efficient and personalized manner.

For example, utilizing the data collated by your system, you’ll be able to score your visitors and prioritize the leads. With web visitor intelligence, you’ll be able to determine the higher-ranking keywords that are likely to drive high-quality sales leads. You’ll be able to analyze high-priority visitors driven by those keywords and immediately follow up with a customized strategy.

Strengthens Relationship With Clients

Web visitor intelligence reduces the possibility of meddling boundaries with potential prospects. It’s obvious to get enticed sometimes while trying to execute a valuable campaign, but appearing too desperate might be a huge turn-off or even annoying to some prospects. By correctly calculating their interests, businesses can maintain a healthy relationship with their clients without coming off as annoying or desperate.

Manages and Organizes Your Data

Prior to web visitor intelligence, there weren’t any standard procedures the measure the visitors and leads. All thanks to web visitor intelligence, businesses can now accurately analyze numerous leads from various angles to finalize an efficient approach according to client persona.

This provides clarity on what attracts clients the most and takes a consistent and objective measure. Web visitor intelligence gives you a foundation for solid decisions based on concrete rankings rather than vague descriptions.

Reforms and Refines Your Marketing Strategies

Web visitor intelligence gives you deep insights and a clear picture of what’s working best in each stage of your sales and marketing funnel.

Along with better insights, you’ll be able to find which keywords are driving web traffic and which keywords are compelling marketing-qualified leads. You’ll be able to determine which campaigns are really hitting off, and which ones need to be modified or just taken off the plate.

Level up Your Keyword and SEO Game

With the abundance of data extracted through web visitor intelligence, you’ll be able to analyze your SEO efforts seamlessly. Especially, you’ll be able to gauge your keyword performance and level up your SEO game like never before. 

All Said and Done!

You can use the data gathered from web visitor intelligence to test and evaluate whether your campaigns are performing well and are aligned with the right set of prospects. Connected with the CRM, you’ll be able to determine whether the deals you closed were profitable or not.

You can further use the data from the CRM to refine your web visitor intelligence to boost your B2B marketing, capture sales and marketing qualified leads, invest in keyword-rich content, and increase the ROI.