Advantages and Disadvantages of Webinar

Even if the contents could theoretically be the same, online seminars differ from conventional face-to-face seminars. They offer some advantages compared to classical lectures, but they also come with some disadvantages: the webinar format scores particularly well when it comes to not being dependent on a certain location. This saves time and money for both the speaker and the participants, since they don’t need to travel to the seminar location. Depending on the context of the webinar, anonymous participation is possible in many cases since you only have to enter a valid e-mail address.

Webinar – Advantages

Webinar – Disadvantages

Saves costs through no longer having to travel to and from the hotel, overnight stay, room booking, etc. Technical problems can lead to the event being cancelled, or prevent participants from joining in
Simple and automated registration The participants’ mood and motivation is difficult for the speaker to determine
Easy to exchange information before, during, and after the event Participants could easily be distracted i.e. due to their surroundings, or because they know they aren’t being watched
Anonymous participation is possible Interaction between speaker and participant is often reduced to a minimum
In theory, there is no limit to the number of participants (in practice, the maximum number of participants depends on the technical conditions) Time frame is almost always binding – sometimes it isn’t possible to log in later.
Ability to share or download additional digital material at any time during the webinar (non-binding)

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